Revolutionize the way you get dressed

We are Almighty Collar

Almighty Collar

We are Almighty Collar, and our story is a simple one — we are here to change the way you dress.

Our service provides specially curated boxes of fashion essentials for the professional and well-dressed man.

We know that as a man on the go, you don’t always have time to go out shopping, or spending time trying to make outfits that make you look good. We want to remove those daily inconveniences so that you can keep focused on your true path.

Yes, we know that there are other subscription services out there, but what separates us from the rest is that we provide you with variety by allowing you to choose a colour theme for each month. We also provide you with items that you can actually use and need in order to give you that competitive edge during the week or that extra flair over the weekend.

Check out our competitively priced packages containing between 5 to 6 varied items that you can receive each month.


Whether it is for a one time father’s Day or birthday gift, or whether you simply want to thank you groomsmen for being awesome, the possibilities are endless with Almighty Collar


Our simple subscription packages have become even simpler! With free shipping across North America, you wont get caught with any additional surprise charges!


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